About BLC


Founder's Profile

Christos Yiangou is the founder, President & Managing Director, of BUSINESS LINKS CONSULTANCY LTD.

Mr. Yiangou holds a Bachelor's Degree (1994) in History and Economics and a Master's Degree (1996) in Political Science (International Relations) from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick).

Mr. Yiangou, a former diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, has significant international experience in the fields of trade and investment promotion and in business match-making. He has attended various training seminars on diplomacy, politics and business organized by the Greek, Israeli and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as by the U.S. State Department, the European Commission and the Atlantic-Bruecke organization. His professional expertise covers diplomacy, international business, business development, networking, public relations, management and sales&marketing. Finally, his geographic expertise covers Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, the U.K., Sweden, Syria, Lebanon, U.A.E. and China.

Types of Services

  • Market Updating +

    In collaboration with our network of international associates we help our clients evaluate and assess any business potential in the country of their interest.
  • Organization of Business Trips +

    Once any of our clients decides to explore the possibility of business cooperation with company(ies) and/or individual(s) investor(s) from Europe and the Middle East then our company could undertake to organize a relevant business trip.
  • Post-trip Administrative & Legal Support +

    Once any given business trip is successfully completed and a prospective business partner is selected by our client then we assist our client.
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Areas of Activity

  • Real Estate & Tourism +

    We promote real estate and tourist projects to international potential investors interested to invest in either Cyprus or Greece.
  • Information Technology +

    We promote various innovative Information Technology projects to international investors.
  • Telecommunications +

    We promote various pioneering software Telecommunications projects to international investors.
  • Energy +

    We try to promote Cyprus and Greece as a new energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • Professional Services +

    We assist banks, accounting and legal firms in finding international counterparts and/or clients.
  • Trade +

    We assist European exporters of food and beverage products in finding other international importers/distributors.
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