Types of Services



Market Updating

In collaboration with our network of international associates we help our clients evaluate and assess any business potential in the country of their interest by providing them with:

  • A general description of the business climate in the country.
  • Advice and guidance in doing business in the relevant market.
  • A general description of the legal framework governing the business area of our client's interest.
  • Information and profiles of important local businesses and/or investors.
  • Notification of upcoming business events.
  • Assistance in designing their business strategy with regard to a particular business project of our client's interest.

Organization of Business Trips

Once any of our clients decides to explore the possibility of business cooperation with company(ies) and/or individual(s) investor(s) from Europe and the Middle East then our company could undertake to organize a relevant business trip by providing the following services:

  • Business trip time program preparation.
  • Arrangement of business meetings with potential business partners/investors. These meetings take place either via VIP lunch presentations or via one on one meetings
  • Consulting and negotiating assistance while any business meeting is in progress.
  • Arrangement of travelling, hotel, and local transportation (if requested)
  • Any secretariat support needed.


Post-trip Administrative & Legal Support

Once any given business trip is successfully completed and a prospective business partner is selected by our client then we assist our client in the:

  • Preparation of the relevant business agreement and/or contract.
  • Promotion of our client's business image within the selected market.